anyrelm at a glance

From Strategy to Process, Talent to Technology, we provide relationship management services and solutions that allow your organization to optimize effectiveness and maximize efficiencies to drive revenue and profit growth.


Our Approach

Define strategy...

to drive design of processes...

to support strategy, determining the alignment of talent...

to execute processes, optimized by judicious application of automation...

maximizing effectiveness & efficiency resulting in rapid realization of maximum ROI

anyrelm delivers Relationship Management consulting services and relevant products to our clients and and customers. From our roots as pioneers in CRM and NPO innovation, we are now leading the Cloud paradigm shift, delivering revolutionary solutions in the Corporate, Non-profit, HR and other “relms”:

  • Constituent Relationship Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Donor Relationship Management
  • Talent Relationship Management
  • Volunteer Relationship Management

We define a Customer in a much broader sense: a person or organization whose interactions and transactions with you are critical to your success. Your Customers may be the:

  • Prospective or existing Donors you are targeting in a specific campaign to raise contributions for a fund
  • Talent you are cultivating as Candidates to grow your organization by “selling yourself” as a great place to grow a career
  • B2B or B2C Customers to whom you are marketing, selling, cross-/up-selling or providing service & support or loyalty programs
  • Community to which you are providing services and from which you are soliciting real-time, highly actionable feedback

Our solutions address these and other “relms” through a comprehensive approach to delivering Strategy, Business Process Design & Reengineering, Change & Talent Management and Technology.

Read on and discover how we can help you grow by optimizing your relm!